Biggest holiday coming for ecommerce

This year will be the biggest yet for e-commerce.  What that means for you and I is a flood of returns heading for the secondary market in a few months.  Typically, around 10% of all sales will become returns and those returns will become liquidation lots in January and February.  

With consumer electronics topping many holiday gift wish lists, you can expect a flood of returns in the category.  Computers, tablets, phones, TV's, Apple TV's and all the other 'hot' gift items this year, will be in ample supply.  Not is the time to begin accumulating capital by reducing your inventory so you are prepared when this tidal wave hits.

Excess inventory creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money.  As the supply of excess inventory, including returns and overstock inventory, increases after the holidays prices often come down.  The most important contributor to making money buying and selling excess inventory is the price at which you buy.  You make your money when you buy...not when you sell.

My advice:  accumulate cash and be ready to buy after the holidays, when the supply is at its peak.  You will enjoy the benefits of those lower prices for months to come as you sell your stock for a healthy profit.

Designer handbag liquidation - Chanel, Coach, Prada!

Every once in a long while an opportunity comes along to purchase some of the highest end brands in liquidation.  It really is quite rare to find these inventory liquidation deals because these brands are in such high demand.

There are 6 lots up at the moment, including bags from: Chanel, Coach, Burberry, Ferragamo, Prada and other high end brands.  The conditions range from pristine ("A grade") to substantial wear and tear ("D grade").  The lots are separated by condition so you can choose what suits you.

Get registered quickly to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other mobile devices

If you are interested in buying secondary market mobile devices in bulk, there are a number of marketplaces in which you can do it.  The best marketplaces are run by B-Stock Solutions for various companies.  The marketplaces are all auction-based, which is great since it allows you to name your price and possibly win.  They are well laid out, easy to navigate, and you are buying directly from the companies selling them (not from B-Stock or another middleman).

Here are some sites you should check out:



Alltech Wholesale:


Early Upgrade: in complete disarray

News out this past week included word that Liquidity Services cut 10% of its staff. This is just the latest blow to the battered company that has seen its stock drop 80% from its high of around $62/share in early 2012. With the most attractive component of the DoD contract moving over to Iron Planet, the company was left with the remaining piece (for non-rolling stock). Unfortunately for the company, they won this piece of the contract at a price roughly 3 times higher than they were previously paying. In addition, there is a significant amount of overhead needed to service this part of the contract that was previously amortizable across both contracts. On top of all this, the company has been struggling to hold onto accounts in their commercial business as well. Several of their most lucrative clients are actively exploring other alternatives. All-in-all, it has been a bad, bad year for the company.

Only folks working inside can speak to the level of distraction they are experiencing, but it undoubtedly contributed to the company's global site outage last week that lasted nearly 24 hours.

Here is their tweet about it:

LSI Tweet Outage

In the end it appeared to be a global outage across all of their sites that lasted nearly 24 hours. Ouch.

Welcome to Inventory Liquidation Now!

This website is intended to become a resource for anyone interested in getting into the business of buying liquidation inventory.  There are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to get into the business now than there ever has been.  Thanks to technology, and companies like B-Stock Solutions, retailers are now able to make their excess inventory available to huge communities of buyers.  In the past, these companies would simply limit their buyers to one or two big liquidators and that would force all of the small business people out there to buy product from these liquidators.  Of course, this came along with another layer of markups and additional underlying costs which made the inventory more expensive for the little guy.

Today, the 'little guy' can buy directly from companies like Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, Danby and many, many others.  This provides great opportunities for small business people to develop the sort of dependable source of inventory needed to build a real business.

In upcoming posts I will be sure to provide links to a wide variety of liquidation inventory sources and recommendations on how to take advantage of what they have to offer.