The Limited stores are not just limited, they are extinct

Build Financial Independence Using Liquidation Inventory


Starting a business is a difficult task, especially when it comes to finding inventory to sell at a healthy profit. It's important for entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, to keep their costs low. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing and reselling liquidation inventory. 

Liquidation inventory is a broad category that includes many things in the retail industry, such as overstocked and unsold inventory or customer returns. In order for major retailers to get some return on these already purchased items, they liquidate their inventory. This liquidation allows them to make back at least some of the money they invested in the products initially. Liquidation inventory is sold at a price lower than the retail price a major retailer would sell the inventory for, which means a smart, go-getting entrepreneur can turn this inventory into profit quickly.

Today, buying liquidation inventory has never been easier. In the past, a small business owner would need special relationships with the right people in order to purchase liquidation inventory directly from major retailers. Now, B-Stock Solutions bridges the gap between major retailers and small business owners, giving entrepreneurs direct access to the best liquidation inventory. The B-Stock Solutions network of liquidation marketplaces includes everything from clothing and accessories to furniture, from garden tools and outdoor decorations to computer equipment and software. 

The B-Stock Solutions marketplace is auction-based, meaning that buyers have the opportunity to name their own prices. This allows entrepreneurs the security of knowing exactly how much they're going to spend; if you're the highest bidder in a particular auction, you'll pay the price you bid.

Selling this liquidation inventory has also never been simpler. With a myriad of options for re-sellers to choose from, including brick-and-mortar shops and stores and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, liquidation inventory is one of the most lucrative business opportunities currently available.  

By using world-class technology, analytics, and services, B-Stock Solutions is able to connect buyers directly with major retailers selling excess inventory. Annually, B-Stock Solutions lists over 100,000 bulk auctions and sells over 50 million units. B-Stock Solutions allows you to receive direct access to liquidation inventory that you could never buy directly from retailers before. 


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