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August 2015

Designer handbag liquidation - Chanel, Coach, Prada!

Every once in a long while an opportunity comes along to purchase some of the highest end brands in liquidation.  It really is quite rare to find these inventory liquidation deals because these brands are in such high demand.

There are 6 lots up at the moment, including bags from: Chanel, Coach, Burberry, Ferragamo, Prada and other high end brands.  The conditions range from pristine ("A grade") to substantial wear and tear ("D grade").  The lots are separated by condition so you can choose what suits you.

Get registered quickly to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other mobile devices

If you are interested in buying secondary market mobile devices in bulk, there are a number of marketplaces in which you can do it.  The best marketplaces are run by B-Stock Solutions for various companies.  The marketplaces are all auction-based, which is great since it allows you to name your price and possibly win.  They are well laid out, easy to navigate, and you are buying directly from the companies selling them (not from B-Stock or another middleman).

Here are some sites you should check out:



Alltech Wholesale:


Early Upgrade: